5 Ways to Find a Good Babysitter

Set scene: date night is approaching, and your favorite babysitter has already been snagged by the couple down the street.  You have been looking forward to this night all week, so now you need to find another babysitter (gasp). So, how exactly do you get another great babysitter that you can trust?  Rest easy!  We’ve asked our Mom readers and compiled the top five ways they find babysitters.

  1. Darn you Facebook

We love to hate it, and a curse, and blame it for all our problems, but it’s so dang handy.  When you need a trusted recommendation for a babysitter, only asking on FB is a great way to get a list going.  Most Moms love sharing their favorite go-to sitter, so ask away and take notes!

  1. Double Date Night

We all have that friend that seems to have some secret babysitter. You know, the friend that refuses to say who she uses so she can keep her all to herself.  Yeah, they exist.  So how do you get them to give you a name and number?  Well, you plan a double date with her and her husband, of course!  And of course, your sitter will be busy, so they’ll quickly offer up their secret weapon.  A little sneaky? Sure, but we all know how much better date night is with the best sitter!

  1. Sittercity

Oh yeah, we’ve all done this one time or two.  We jump onto Google or an app and try to find reviews on local babysitters and get frustrated and freaked out and think “what are we doing” or “am I going to let a stranger watch my kid?” Well, guess what. Sittercity is a reliable source to find great sitters, check out the Sittercity reviews by Cribsters.

  1. Call the local church

You don’t have to be a believer to take advantage of this service. Most churches have a list of the kids that are highly recommended for babysitting, and they typically require the sitters to be CPR certified and demand that they’ve taken a class.  So don’t be shy, call that church and get some phone numbers!  (and don’t worry, most sitters won’t chant over your kids while they anoint them with oil)

  1. Call Grandma

Not all of us have this luxury, but if you do- for all that is holy and right call Grandma!  Why?  Because Grandma always offers sleep over because “why not.”  You know exactly how she’ll care for them, and know that if the kids get sick- they are exactly where they should be!  So call your Mom!  Let her spoil the Grandkids and have some fun!

Now- plan that hot date with your man, and get yourself a babysitter!